Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    This information is provided for clarity on question we often received
    Q.  What is traditional natural medicine?

    A. According to the World Health Organization

    “Traditional medicine is the sum total of the knowledge, skills, and practices based on the theories, beliefs, and experiences indigenous to different cultures, whether explicable or not, used in the maintenance of health as well as in the prevention, diagnosis, improvement or treatment of physical and mental illness”

    Traditional Natural Medicine-North America
    Traditional Natural (Nature’s) Medicine’s basic premise is that ill health is fundamentally a functional imbalance or disequilibrium within the body. A disease is a plethora of symptoms produced by the body’s attempt to re-establish homeostasis.

    Traditional Natural(Nature’s)Medicine Practitioners are healthcare professionals who are educated and experienced in the use of safe, gentle non-invasive eclectic therapies geared towards enhancing the body’s innate healing ability which is responsible for re-establishing and maintaining optimum health.

    The generic term "Natural Medicine" is not exclusive to any one group in particular as it is a general term which includes all holistic healing modalities, groups, and philosophy. It does not include surgical, drugs, diagnostic and treatment of a disease or uses allopathic medical framework.

    There are many different groups of practitioners that use natural healing modalities in North America, but the follow list is clarity of members within designations in this organization.

    1. PhD (DNM) Doctorate in Natural medicine level of education
    2. CNP Certified Nature's-therapy practitioners
    3. RNP- Registered Natural Health practitioners

    Traditional Natural medicine/Nature’s practitioners, emphasize "teaching" healthy lifestyle choices, non-invasive assessment techniques, and guidance in self-care and disease prevention in accordance with traditional natural healing philosophy. Naturopaths are regulated in some Canadian provinces and USA states 

    Q. Why Certification?

    A. Certification marks are granted to members to identify that the services they provide to clients meet defined standards and to confirm level of education in natural medicine (see info on certification Vs license).

    Q. Why Different Organizations?

    A. The Canadian members are registered under the Natural Medicine Certification Council (Canadian Federal Organization) which is Copy Right and Trade Marked under our Federal and Copy Rights laws in Canada
    The USA members and South and Central American members are registered under the Board of Natural Medicine Doctors and Practitioners-North America and are Trade Mark in USA under USA patent and Trade Mark laws.
    Q. What is the Function of affiliate associations?

    A. The function of the regional association in an advocacy capacity on behalf of members in a particular region.

    Regions in Canada where regulation is required by the province, associations may be formed as a provincial extension of the Natural Medicine Certification Council(NMCC), which consists of active members of the organization.
    External associations, societies, or other entities are not permitted to claim affiliation representation of members of this organization without legal authorization to do so.

    Organizations claiming that they are affiliated must display an emblem of authorization bearing the organization’s logo.

    Certification Diploma

    Certification is not equivalent to an academic degree which must be obtained at an educational institution.
    Certification under the USA entity (Board of Natural Medicine Doctors and Practitioners-North America) and the Canadian entity (Natural Medicine Certification Council) Canadian Federal organization are not academic degrees.

    The organizations are committed to upholding the standards, principles, and philosophy of Traditional Natural Medicine.

    Q. Can I practice with my certification in Canada?
    A. Upon completion of your education from any of our affiliate partners you are eligible for certification and to practice on the American continent (North America, including USA, Canada, and South and Central America)

    Q. Can I practice with my certification in the USA?
    A. Upon completion of your education from any of our affiliate partners you are eligible for certification and to practice on the American continent (North America, including USA, Canada, and South and Central America).

    Q. Do accept my diploma, degree from (name of educational) educational Institution for certification?
    A. In addition to the educational institutions, potential members are accepted based on a case by case basis.


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